Protect Your Lightning Cable

F741XC5H6WG6TSO.MEDIUMWell, charging cables breaking or getting damaged is not new to everyone. Almost all of us face this issue in our everyday life. Many times we use broken cables that still work for charging the phone and iPad. It is not safe to use broken cables as they are at a risk of electric shock or electrocution. However, with proper use and care, one can prolong the life of the cable and use it for a long time. There are many ways using which the lightning cable can be protected so that it does not break. In the article below, we discuss some of the simple ways in which you could do this.

Wrap Them Right
Cables usually break due to users not handling them properly. One of the important methods of handling the cable is to make sure that they are wrapped correctly when not in use. This is the top most reason why cables break or get worn out. The cables come wrapped nearly in a package when it is bought for the first time. Even this packaging is not the right way to wrap cables. The best way is to loop it into a circle like a coil. This way, the cable will not have any sharp bends and stays protected. Many of us fold the cable and secure it with a band to prevent the cable from tangled. This results in bends in the cable and could be one of the reasons why the wear out over time.

Avoid Bending The Cable
As we discussed in the earlier section, bending the cable might result in internal damage and the cable might no longer work. One area where the cables are bent is near the connector. The location where the cable ends and the connector starts is fragile and tends to break easily. What happens is that the cable’s protective casing comes off, exposing the wires inside. Once this happens, using this cable will be a risk in safety. While using the charger make sure that the chords are not bent.

Cables With Reinforcements

In order to help maintain the cables, some of them are manufactured with reinforcements that protect the cables. These cables usually last longer than the actual cable that is provided with the phone. These cables use materials such as nylon or braided nylon that keeps the wire intact at the same time is flexible enough. This would be a good option for people who use their phones extensively and require more charging time. Some of these cables also come in longer lengths, thus serving the purpose for using the device while it’s getting charged. This helps in minimizing the stretching of the cable protecting them from potential damage.

In case you do not want to spend money on reinforced cables, there are many tutorials available online on how to do them at home. One of the options is to use the springs that are generally inside pens around the cable so that they do not bend. There are also other options such as using shrink tubing that prove to be an effective method for protecting the cable.

The Perfect Hot Dog Recipe – You Will Keep On Cooking Again And Again

CFbJIxVUEAA8hM0Hot dogs are the national food of America. It is the most popular food consumed by all age groups. Yes I do agree that its unhealthy but no other food can contest its taste. Last week I stumbled on this recipe online, and when I made it, it was simply delicious. It tasted so great that I can’t wait to make it again.

Many of you may not approve hot dogs due to the unhealthy factor, but somehow I just can’t stop myself from having it. So why blame the kids? I totally agree and understand what they go through. This is the situation when your heart and mind goes off in different directions. There are a lot of interesting websites which offer lovely recipes. The pictures are so inviting, that you lose the track of time looking at them. If you want to check it out, Try Here.

When I was small I never had a taste of it (blame my super conscious parents), later in college I had a grilled one at a barbeque party and I still remember that amazement. It never made sense, as to how I could miss eating it all through my life. If you are a health freak, consider this as a cheat (well, only do this if you are an ardent fan of hot dogs). The recipe below is so great that you would feel like cheating your diet almost every day. So here is the recipe, read on and enjoy

Hot Dogs from the oven
Ingredients required:
Hot dogs: 8
Dog buns: 8
Chilli : 1 can
Onion: probably half would do, and preferably diced.
Cheddar cheese
Sweet relish

Procedure: Try to line the insides of the buns with sweet relish and mayonnaise, then add the mustard evenly to it. Add in the hot dogs and then place it in the baking pan. Top the hot dogs with cheese, chili and onions. Cover it using an aluminium foil and bake it for 45 minutes at 350 degree Fahrenheit.
Check whether it is done. Then carefully remove it using a spatula.

Now the debate still continues whether it is advisable to have a hot dog or not. But the good news is that, there are a lot of hot dogs available in the market and it is possible for you to make a healthier choice (relatively). But remember that this is just a case of relativity and should not be considered on the same level as a green salad. Experts in dietetics and nutrition suggest that in the case of hot dogs, what exactly matters is the quality of the ingredients (meat), the other add-ons such as preservatives and the processing.
The ideal hot dog should be that of less than one fifty calories and should only have less than fourteen grams of fat with less than six grams of saturated fat. The sodium level should be less than 450 milligrams per hotdog.